Mark + Anja // Toronto, Canada

Mark and Anja had a beautiful wedding in the heart of Toronto. Its always special for us to be able to return to our hometown and be able to capture just how dang awesome our city is. Mark and Anja had their ceremony at one of the most beautiful churches I've ever been to in Toronto, Trinity Chapel. From there, we went and partied the night away at the most fantastic venue by the lake, Liberty Grand. 

Let the photos and video speak for themselves, this wedding was full of fun, laughter and love between an amazing couple!  Congratulations again to Mark and Anja!

And check out their wedding trailer below!

Kassey + Anya // Toronto, Canada

Kassey and Anya were a super amazing couple to get together with and shoot engagement photos... I trusted them with finding great spots and they sure did!  We checked out this new bridge built near the lakeshore and explored around the area, I loved the end results! Check out below the moments we were able to capture with Kassey and Anya!  I'm so excited to be shooting their own wedding in September!

Joni + Iitu // Turku, Finland

Alongside weddings, we are always doing engagement shoots!  We really love the creativity and flexibility that you get to have when doing an engagement shoot. Your not as limited by time, location and just practical issues that usually limit you on a wedding day. So with Joni and Iitu, we decided to take their engagement photos near their local city, Turku. Turku is on the coast of Finland and it is surrounded by the sea, so you can find some pretty amazing islands and cliffs. We first took some photos in a nice field near their family cottage, and then headed over to these amazing cliffs with a great view. Check out moments we were able to capture!